About Us

In 2009 two best friends opened the Indoor Garden Superstore, Jeff and Fred. They had been best friends for decades and decided to open the store and continue their friendship in business as well. They used their experience and wealth of knowledge to help customers in the community reach their growing potential. For years these grow wizards helped a vast amount of people gain the tools to have successful and abundant growing experiences.

Sadly, Jeff passed away in 2016 from a motorcycle accident. Not long thereafter Jamie, his wife, became the sole owner and has continued to carry out his legacy as owner of the Indoor Garden Superstore. We are a family business that treats our customers like one of our own. We love teaching new growers and helping experienced growers up their game. We aspire to help our customers to the best possible level that we can, just as Jeff had for so many years. We continue to carry on his legacy and treasure what he has left us. Come in and speak with Jamie, Kim, or Greg to start your growing journey with us. We appreciate each and every one of you.

We, the owners of Indoor Garden Superstore have been perfecting our growing techniques for more than 30 years. Our extensive experience allows us to provide you with several different state of the art growing methods.

There is more to business than making money.

We want you to come back because we not only enhanced your knowledge along the way, we sold you only what you needed. You are the reason we are here and when you are growing better, we do too. We value you as a customer and eventually as a friend in business.



Indoor Garden Superstore, LLC.