These are some of the letters we received here at our IGS office.

“All we can say is WOW !!! We LOVE the store. Your prices are lower than any other store and you know so much more too !!!!!”

GB & Friends

“Thank you for opening your store. I have been shopping all the other stores for 5 years and non of them have been as much help as you have. You guys really know what you are talking about and my plants are now the best.”

Happy customer – JD

“We are so thankful that you guys opened a store. We have has such bad experience with other stores around that I will not name. We have been trying this for a year now and have been given information that has taken us no where. We are now on the right track thanks to the Indoor Garden Superstore. Our tomatoes are huge, smell great, and taste even better. The Indoor Garden Superstore is not the ONLY store we will ever shop at AND your prices are better too…. You guys really know your tomatoes.”

Growing Great, Steve

“Guys great store got my system and all the nutrients from you. You guys have been a huge help to a 1st time hydro grower. from all my needs to even trouble shooting and general help its been great wouldn’t choose a diff store. have great monster plants growing and even tho being a novice they are still doing well. thanks again for the information that i didn’t read up on and missed hopefully it will improve my crops a lot. all together couldn’t ask for better service been to couple other stores and yours is top of the line. Keep up the awesome work and thanks,”


“My compliments to your store and employees! I have shopped and also order supplies from many different companies and can assure you that your store and employees are an asset to your growing needs. They’re kind, professional, and eager to please the purchaser.”

Randy H.

“Dear Friends at the Indoor Garden Superstore, I applaud you on your expert gardening knowledge. My wife and I have been growing our own organic vegetables for years and never before have we had this tasteful of vegetables. Not only are they so sweet and bright but the amount of vegetables we are now getting is amazing. We thank you from the bottom of our stomachs. We plan on visiting the store often and look forward to learning more. We might just expand and turn our basement into a green house. Thank you again for all the nutrient tips. Sincerely, The Happy Tomato”

Vince & Jean
Midland, Mi.

(Two happy customers for life)

We know that once you begin your new healthy lifestyle growing chemical-free food you will never go back to your old ways of eating! If you’d like to share just go to our Contact Page and send us your Testimonial.

We would never use your full name. If you wish we can even us an anonymous pen name! Thanks again for your time and we look forward to reading your letters!



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