14 Year Anniversary Celebration

14 Year Anniversary Celebration

14 Years at the Waterford Location

Join us on Saturday, September 23, 2023, 12:00 PM to 4:00 Pm as we celebrate 14  years of growing in the Waterford area. We will be offering our loyal customers 10% off most everything.

We will have raffles and giveaways and will answer all indoor gardening questions, so be there or be square.

Please join us as we will have free food and drinks and lots of giveaways for everyone who comes.

New Products

New Products
IGS is Happy to Announce Heavy 16.


Serious grow nutrients for indoor gardeners! HEAVY 16’s no-nonsense approach relies on using the highest-grade ingredients and providing everything an indoor crop needs in a simple, 2-part formula.

  • Use only the highest grade ingredients on the planet
  • Use complex chemistry for easy application: more science, fewer bottles
  • Use Micro-Batch blending techniques to ensure total quality control and peak freshness

(The following taken from heavy16.com)

“HEAVY 16 utilizes a cascading delivery system with multiple nutrients that have no charge out of the bottle and therefore won’t register on an EC or PPM meter. These neutral organic minerals have a potent nutritional value that becomes available to your plants over time. Hence, we prefer to use specific dossing increments (mL) per gallon to measure fertility versus PPM’s.

Because Calcium is directly proportional to yield, HEAVY 16 provides vast amounts of Calcium through a cascading delivery system. Calcium is a divalent cation, meaning it has two positive charges and has a tendency to stick magnetically to the negatively charged plant exterior. HEAVY 16’s multiple forms of neutralized calcium in our VEG/BUD and HEAVY FOLIAR overcomes this challenge, ensuring ample Calcium is available to the plant.

HEAVY 16 is developed on an organic acid pH scale, as opposed to the common mineral acid pH scale. Because of its buffering or “friendliness”, organic acids allow for optimum microbial development. Hence, HEAVY PRIME is not only a microbial feed, but also an organically-functioning pH regulator. “

The feedback with Heavy 16 has been phenomenal and so many people get the results they’ve been striving for. Don’t just take our word for it, come try it yourself.