Plant Nutrition & Health

Indoor growers know that plant nutrients are crucial to their success. Plain-old soil fertilizers, often lacking in trace minerals, just won’t do! To assure maximum growth and avoid deficiencies, always use the highest quality nutrient solutions designed for soil and soil-less growing you can find.

Advanced Nutrients

We are Southern Michigan’s largest supplier of “Advanced Nutrients”. Why? Because Advanced Nutrients provides superior results. The testimonials from our customers tells the story the best. You will get better crops with higher yields. We are excited to be a direct supplier of these excellent products.

This page contains the best selling Advanced Nutrients products that we carry in our store. Although we sell every product from Advanced Nutrients we don’t list every item on our web site. Call us to order items not listed on our pages. Be sure to ask our sales representatives about our weekly, in-store, specials! Check out the other Advanced Nutrient’s product links at the top and bottom of these pages.

More and more customers are demanding organic fruits, flowers and vegetables. Problem is, most organic fertilizers smell bad and clog up your irrigation systems. When you want perfect 100% organic plant nutrition without the many problems caused by other products, you want Iguana Juice Grow. Our all-organic liquid grow nutrient provides exact nutrients for vegetative plants so they’re set up for the biggest, highest quality organic harvests you’ve ever seen. This formula is money-back guaranteed to be easy to use, concentrated, pleasantly scented, and high-producing.

Advanced Nutrients B-52 is especially formulated to give plants a super boost of energy by raising the plants metabolism. B-52 increases nutrient uptake by providing naturally occurring hormones and vitamins that plants could never get elsewhere.
Advanced Nutrients B-52 is ideal for hydroponic, soil and sphagnum moss or any other growing medium. In reservoirs or as foliar spray or as a stand alone supplemental feeding, B-52 can and should be used during your plants entire lifetime from seed or cutting to harvest.

You don’t have to sacrifice yield when you use organics. Growers just like you are using a new organic gardening bloom booster that gives you bigger flowers than you’ll get using most synthetic boosters. Use Nirvana organic gardening booster so your plants mature faster, resist stress, heat and diseases, and give you juicy, ripe, heavy, bigger flowers dripping with quality and aroma.

When you need the largest harvest of the juiciest, most valuable flowers, turn to our legendary Big Bud. This is the granddaddy of all bloom boosters. Tested in all kinds of hydroponics gardens worldwide on the kinds of plants you grow, Big Bud immediately raises the weight, quality and density of your flowers. Big Bud is guaranteed to give you huge harvests. It can be used with any feed program to give you the largest flowers you’ve ever seen.

Hydroponics plants that lack carbohydrates grow poorly and give you tiny harvests. But when you use CarboLoad  you infuse a wide variety of plant-friendly carbohydrates into your garden so your plants have the carbs they need to finish strong with huge, sweet, delicious flowers. Other carbohydrate formulas contain crude sugars and cheap molasses. Get CarboLoad now, and you’ll get superior simple and complete carbohydrates that rev up the quantity and quality of your harvest yield.

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